Rule of Threes

Casey Lawrence and Chris Grace are comedians that love the NBA. So they are talking about the NBA.

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June 16, 2019 01:27:31
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Double Episode! NBA Finals & Emergency Anthony Davis Reactions

The NEWS is HOT, y'all!! Chris and Casey give you their reactions from game 6, thoughts about what the Warriors do from here on out, deserved congrats to the Raptors and more. THEN! The Anthony Davis to the Lakers trade news breaks, and the guys tack on another 40 mins to the podcast to react to the Lakers' decimated roster, AD as a laker, and call in the power of wildly rampant vet min roster speculation to see who joins the big 2 in LA. It's a wild one!! ...



June 11, 2019 00:45:43
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Game 5? Did Casey Curse KD?

Chris and Casey have a discussion about the events of Game 5, KD's injury, the troubles of being an NBA fan abroad, and much more! ...



June 08, 2019 00:36:17
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Games 3 & 4 Reactions with special guest, Seth Rotkin

Casey is joined by his old college roommate, Seth Rotkin to talk about the surprising NBA finals games 3 and 4. There is some talk about Casey's really bad prediction, and his really bad NBA 2K19 preview game, and a lot of talk about poor study habits in college. Chris is still out of town, but we will be sure to have him back after the finals are over ...



June 03, 2019 00:36:14
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Game 2 Reactions From Across The Globe!

Chris and Casey fight Skype, Sniffles, and a 15 hour time difference to talk Game 2, Australian storefronts, and Tillman Fertitta. Thanks for listening!! ...



June 01, 2019 00:43:44
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2019 Finals - Game One

Casey breaks down the Game One Raptors win! ...



May 28, 2019 00:56:28
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2019 Finals Preview (and Goodbye to the Bucks)

Apologizes for my brain in this one, I'm tired. Signed, Chris. PS The podcast has been downloaded at least once by someone in Australia so please send us an email and let's do a meetup while I'm there. Just me and ONE listener. I will do an individual meetup with one listener in every country in the world. That plan sounds very do-able and practical. ...

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